PlayerAuctions is an online platform for players of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games to buy, sell and trade digital assets such as in-game currency, items, accounts, and power leveling services. The site is a neutral marketplace that supports player-to-player trading for popular MMOs such as Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Path of Exile, Runescape, Runescape - Old School, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, League of Legends and over 400 other games

Who We Are

PlayerAuctions has served the MMO player community since 2000 as the pioneer marketplace dedicated to the player-to-player exchange of digital assets. In July 2007 PlayerAuctions and Itemmania the worldwide leader in the digital asset exchange industry, became sister companies in order to expand safe and proven c2c services beyond Korea. In May 2008, PlayerAuctions was re-launched with a new marketplace and brand new risk management systems s in order to adapt Itemmania's proven best practices in secure player-to-player trade for western markets.

PlayerAuctions is headquartered in Los Angeles and has additional offices in SeoulHong KongManila and Shanghai.

PlayerAuctions offers support to more than 400 of the largest MMO game titles and provides a fraud-free marketplace to trade game assets to more than 150 million MMOG players worldwide


At PlayerAuctions, our mission is to make the digital worlds in massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) a better place through services to players that enhance and reward their gaming experience. We see an opportunity for improving our digital worlds by providing open marketplaces where players can safely and securely trade digital assets with other players, discover better deals, and earn increased profits. We believe in a truly better way to trade and have the unique experience to stand behind our vision.


We have taken a strong stance against damage done to our digital worlds through in-game spam, exploits, and automated farming. At PlayerAuctions, we fully support and encourage our members to break free from the corporations that profit from these unethical activities that harm game play. When players trade directly with other players on PlayerAuctions, they support the end to these shameful practices and help make our digital worlds a better place.

PlayerAuctions is committed to offering programs, products, and services that make a positive impact on the MMO player community. We firmly believe in the benefits of open markets and secure player-to-player trade.

Millions of players in our worldwide community have already discovered how we’re different. With the combination of our unparalleled security, low seller fees, powerful services, and commitment to integrity, we provide the most value for buyers and sellers alike.

Visit us now at PlayerAuctions.